Below are some resources on trans issues and on supporting trans people in Northern Ireland.

Terminology and Language

It can be difficult to get language right if you don’t know the basics. See the page on terminology and language around trans issues for a basic introduction.

 Other online resources

There are several other online resources which provide comprehensive information on trans issues for people in Northern Ireland, particularly UK- or Ireland-wide sites. Please find some of these below.

UKTransInfoUK Trans Info
UK Trans Info provides information on trans and non-binary issues across the UK, including resources on how to change your name, details on gender recognition and help for organisations. See their Resources section for details.


There is a general lack of relevant research on many trans issues in Northern Ireland, but significant work has been done on some areas, and comprehensive research has been done in other parts of the UK & Ireland. See below for some of the research produced.

The following research was conducted outside Northern Ireland.